Friday, February 20, 2015

What are Happy Flutters?

What are Happy Flutters? 

Photo by Kim Smith taken at the Cape May County Park & Zoo in Cape May, NJ

They are those happy, excited, giddy feelings inside when you come upon something that lights you up inside. 

Think about how out-of-your-mind excited you felt on Christmas Eve when you were a child and trying to get to sleep so Santa would come, but it was so hard because of the happy fluttery excitement you felt. :)

Happy flutters can also be a more serene kind of feeling. Think about this. You come upon something that stops your heart a bit and then you are filled to overflowing with awe and wonder. 

Photo by Kim Smith taken at the Cape May County Park & Zoo in Cape May, NJ

Is it when you round the bend and catch that first glimpse of the glistening ocean spreading before you?

Is it when you are standing under a tall tree and you look up into the branches and see the varied shades of green and the sparkling sun shining through? 

Is it when you come upon a gathering of trees in the Fall that are so vibrantly red, orange, and yellow? 

Yes, we are adults now. But you can still feel those delicious happy flutters. 

What makes you happy? 

I know this can be a tough question for some of us. It was for me for such a long time. I have struggled with depression my entire adult life. Besides my kids being the lights of my life, I didn't have a whole lot else that brought me so much joy. 

And then I happened upon a watercolor painting in progress for a children's picture book project and my heart stopped and then this feeling of pure happiness and childlike giddiness began to swell within me. 

I immediately went to my journal and as I wrote about it I said that it gave me the "childhood happy flutters." 

So, think about the things that make you feel those delicious happy flutters. 

Make a list, paint them, write a poem about them. Whatever makes you feel all happy fluttery inside. :) 

I'll be back a little later with several ways that have helped me to combat depression and feel more happiness. 

I'm off to do some painting! :)

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