Monday, February 9, 2015

The big move to the beach

Last week me, my son and his wife moved to Gloucester, MA. We are a two minute walk to the beach. It is literally around the corner from us! We can't see it, but we can hear the seagulls and smell the salt air. 

This is an exciting, yet kind of scary move for me. It's a whole different part of MA than I'm used to living in. Granted, Gloucester is only 30-45 minutes from where I'm used to living in MA, but it's a whole new look, a whole new feel. It seems to be a whole new type of land. Not a lot of trees, houses pretty close together, etc. But there's a beach right around the corner!!! (The older I get the more difficult it is to handle change...)

I can't wait for the Spring and Summer to come so I can really enjoy it! It is so exciting to come around that corner when we are driving home and I can almost hear the Hallelujah Chorus sing as the beach suddenly appears before me, all glistening and whispering to me that God sent me here to heal. That the sea is where my heart will mend and deep healing will take place. 

Wanna see a picture of the mess that is my art studio/writing nook/bedroom? 

This is the Art Studio section of my room and is the biggest mess. Oy vey! 

And here is my Writing Nook. Definitely better than the messy Art Studio!

Here's to a whole new adventure!

xo ~ Kim

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