Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fun, free, and happy fluttery!

I was surfing the net a couple of weeks ago and came across a blog that had a picture of a children’s book illustrator’s art desk with a partially painted watercolor picture for her current children’s book illustration job. Just seeing that watercolor painting made me feel so happy and excited inside. I journaled about it and wrote:

It’s so pretty and fun and beautiful and gives me the childhood happy flutters.

And I thought, ‘Happy flutters.... Oooh, that is fun! I really love that!’

I want to have more fun in my life. I want to be more playful, to be more silly and to laugh more.

I want to feel free. Free to be me, to be the me that I really am, deep inside. The me I am when no one is looking. The me in my heart and in my soul, without all the facades, without trying to be what other people expect me to be, without trying to be what I think other people expect me to be.
I want to be happy. This year, 2015, is my year. It is my year to embrace fully who I am. It is my year to become the artist I know that I am capable of being. 

You know, when I’m not experiencing those icky moments (which came way too much of the time!) when I doubt everything about myself and think that I suck at everything... It is the year to become the writer I know that I am capable of being.
It is the year that I am going to pay more attention to those things that give me those Happy Flutters deep inside my heart and my belly. Those things that make me feel like a happy, giddy child. Those things are the key to finding my true passions and to finding happiness.

It is the year that I do more of those things that give me happy flutters.

I get the happy flutters:

Whenever I go into the children’s section at Barnes & Noble – the YA fiction section, in particular.

When I look at children’s picture books that have watercolor illustrations.

When I hear classical  flute music.

When I play my flute.

When I spend time with my children and beautiful grandchildren.

When I am looking up artsy stuff on Pinterest.

I get the happy flutters when I write a short story with the help of a word prompt and a 15-minute writing sprint.

When I get ideas for writing projects, whether they be fiction or nonfiction.

When I create paper paintings.

When I just let loose on the canvas and not care about the outcome and just splash around in color and shape and use feel the paint on my fingers as I playfully finger paint. 

When I sketch cute little characters with no preconceived image in mind.

This is my year of Happy Flutters! :)

What makes you feel the 'happy flutters'?